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In Praise of Multipotentialites

A Multipotentialite is one who chooses to pursue and excel in more than more than one field.  Generally the term refers to individuals who are talented in disparate disciplines.  They don’t just operate in multiple areas, they stand out in at least two.

Multipotentialites might be polymaths, generalists, ubermensch, career scanners or renaissance people.  They might have portfolios careers.  Often, they have achieved mastery in seemingly incoherent disciplines.  A negative frame might label the multipotentialite as a dilettante, half-baked. a jack of all trades (master of none).

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Meeting Rage

It's 8.30 am.  You arrive at your desk appropriately caffeinated and ready to take on the day. You open your calendar... ..your shoulders droop.  The arc of the day is laid out before you like the predictable plot of a blockbuster chick flick.  What do you see? 9:00 -...

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Are You Reaching Your Potential

Have you ever wondered why some of the most talented kids in class didn’t go on to excel in that area later in life? Why some people who seem not to have a discernible talent end up becoming outrageously successful? Of course there are many reasons for this but an interesting area of research worth considering is Angela Duckworth’s work on passion and perseverance in her book ‘Grit’.

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6 Ways to Get People to Say “YES”

Influence Dr Robert Cialdini dedicated his professional life to understanding the psychology of influence. How do you get people to say "YES"? The six principles that Cialdini has identified come from the real world.  He went undercover with salespeople, politicians,...

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Mojologic Launches Executive Coaching Practice

Have you lost your leadership mojo? Get it back with the help of an executive coach.   We are pleased to announce the launch of our executive coaching practice. The doors are now open for a range of services including one to one coaching sessions with Andrew Petersen,...

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How to Win an Argument

Arguments are to be avoided, they are always vulgar and often convincing. -Oscar Wilde It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it. -Joseph Joubert What is an argument? An argument is an adversarial exchange of...

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5 Techniques to Handle a Tough Crowd

Parliament is in session and I am both appalled and intrigued by the infantile behaviour of our elected representatives. Consider the challenge a speaker faces when trying to land a point whilst relentlessly assailed by verbal sucker punches from the cross benches. ...

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The Senseless Misuse of the Venn Diagram

he 19th century philosopher and logician, John Venn, may be amused by the explosion of venn diagram applications in popular culture. I personally can’t go past the Venn Pieagram.

Some of the worst offenders, the blatant mis-users of the venn diagram exist in business, politics and media. And it has to stop. So, here is my rant.

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Numbers Don’t Lie. Unless they do…

Can the numbers ever lie?

Need to back up a spurious claim? Use numbers. Statistics, facts, figures and correlations. Make them impressive by using graphs, charts and tables. Be sure to add some asterisks and attribute sources. Make the attributions as tiny as possible. Don’t worry about scales or defining your axes, its visual impact you are going for.

After all, nobody can argue with the hard facts. The most impenetrable arena of empirical evidence? Numbers.

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Be A Poser: build your power in 2 minutes

“Power resides only where men believe it resides… A shadow on the wall yet shadows can kill. And ofttimes a very small man can cast a very large shadow.”

– George R. R. Martin, A Clash of Kings
How do you know somebody possesses power?

What does it look like?

Frank Underwood rises behind his desk in the oval office.
John Travolta struts down a New York street.
Murphy Brown squares her shoulders and stares down the lens.

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