Negotiation Skills

Learn to plan and negotiate better outcomes

This course will help you achieve success at the negotiation table.


You will learn the skills and techniques to prepare for negotiations with partners, clients and suppliers.  Build confidence and competence in achieving win/win outcomes.


 Find your negotiation mojo.


This course will help you analyse all aspects of negotiations.  You will learn how to claim value for you or your company whilst building relationships.  The mojologic approach to negotiation skills begins with an ethical foundation.  You will learn how to prepare and structure an effective negotiation.  You will also explore the art of negotiation –  coming to understand the psychology, tactics and tension that characterise the negotiation.


You will explore the most up to date research in the field of negotiation theory.  Drawing from the experts in neuroscience, psychology and business.


Learn how to analyse the psychodynamics of the players, set your parameters , prioritise variables, plan concessions and choose your approach.


Master the art of of the deal.  Practice face to face conversation and build confidence in dealing with difficult conversations, tactics and traps.



This workshop combines theory with practice.  You will understand and improve your skills at the negotiation table.  This course takes you through a step by step process to effectively plan to win.  We balance the skills of negotiation with the need to build trust based business relationships.

  • Use the mojologic negotiation planning tool
  • Zero in on the crucial variables
  • Analyse the people, the issues and the context
  • Develop an awareness of your negotiation style
  • Develop your BATNA
  • Establish your bargaining zone
  • Recognise and respond to various negotiation styles
  • Develop creative solutions
  • Leverage the psychodynamics at play
  • Master your skills at the netotiation table



  • Find your mojo
  • Move beyond stated positions
  • Feel empowered through preparation
  • Read the room
  • Deal with tactics and traps
  • Learn from feedback and video review
  • Push through personal resistence

This course will


Account Managers to achieve optimal commercial results

Lawyers to create value through the negotiation process

Entrepreaneurs to analyse and prepare to achieve the best outcome

Executives to create better relationships through their negotiation approach

Buyers to meet their underlying purchasing needs

Sales People  to build their reputations whilst getting results

Business Development Professionals to grow their client base

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