The Art & Science of Influence

We believe the best approach involves a balance of art and science. It’s the so called soft skills that deliver the hard results.

Mojo is about style, perception, relationships and self awareness. It is right-brained. It is related to quality, belief and intuition. Like beauty it is difficult to define but we know it when we see it.

It is the art of performance.

Logic is about process, methodology, systems and tools. It is left-brained. It is related to reason, consistency and objectivity. It grounds success in repeatable, measurable behaviour.

It is the science of performance.

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What we do


Each workshop is a unique blend of art and science. You may be challenged, but you will also be inspired to make a change.  In a mojologic training session you will see motivation and capability come together.  Our core programs and bespoke training sessions will develop individual skills that are anything but soft.


We believe the answers are in the room.  Using a light touch with a strong focus on outcomes we can help you reach an outcome.  The mojologic approach will create the environment for breakthrough moments. Our commercial focus will ensure you get actionable outcomes.


We start with your vision and business objectives.  Then we help you identify the behaviours that need to change.  Mojologic will recommend and design the most effective solution to align behaviours to business goals. When consulting, we link the right solution to your environment, culture and market sector.


One on one coaching will activate personal growth. Support and accountability are important when embedding change. Our approach is geared towards smart, busy and high functioning people who recognise their personal growth will unlock business growth.

Why mojologic?

Number of people trained

Average workshop rating out of 10


Clients that come from referrals

The process always begins with a clearly defined business need or problem to solve.

Every scenario is different.

So, what’s your problem?

Our market has changed and we need to change direction to remain successful.

How do I get every person in the organisation to understand the role they play in delivering exceptional service?

This upcoming pitch is critical.  We need to win!

How can I create a shared vision among the team?

There are too many opportunities stuck in the pipeline.

It’s all about price – how can we differentiate ourselves in this commoditised market?

Our leaders are each very talented but they don’t function well as a team.

How can we inject a little life and laughter into our annual conference?

It’s about more than just training.  How can we really change behaviours?

How do we help technical experts become people leaders?

We have a new product and the sales team need the confidence to position it effectively with clients.

How can I  have the difficult conversations with my clients?

Our meetings are ‘talk fests’.  Nothing really gets done.

How do I unlock the potential of senior talent?

We are losing way too many pitches.

I’m drowning in work.  How can I feel like a more effective leader?

Let us help you think differently about what is really going on.

The solution is always unique because your business is unique.

Once we team with you we won’t let go until we get an outcome.

Our recent articles

Speech 12: Bill Gates (not missiles but microbes)

Speech 12: Bill Gates (not missiles but microbes)

Back in March 2015 Bill Gates delivered a TED Talk declaring that the greatest risk of global catastrophe would come from a highly infectious virus. He then displayed this image on the screen.


Now as the world battles to cope with the novel caronavirus pandemic we listen to this speech with a very different perspective.

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Speech 11:  Jacinda Ardern (they were New Zealanders, they are us)

Speech 11: Jacinda Ardern (they were New Zealanders, they are us)

On this day one year ago, Jacinda Ardern delivered a compelling speech of quiet strength in the New Zealand parliament in the wake of the Christchurch Massacre.
Ardern was on the air, reassuring the nation and the citizens of Christchurch. She was on the ground, to show support, solidarity and leadership as soon as she could get there. Then, on 19 March 2019, she delivered this speech in the New Zealand parliament.

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Speech 10: Aneurin Bevan (they are lower than vermin)

Speech 10: Aneurin Bevan (they are lower than vermin)

On the 4th of July, 1948, on the eve of the creation of the NHS in Great Briatin, once Health Minister Aneurin (Nye) Bevan delivered a vitriolic attach on the Tories.

Aneurin Bevan was a Welsh Labour politician and driving force behind the NHS. Despite significant opposition, he was successful in his campaign.

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Our Clients

NSW State Insurance Regulatory Authority
Roy Morgan Research
Suncorp Group
Asteron Life
Minter Ellison
Y & R
Commonwealth Bank
Hungry Jack’s
Ability First
Shaw and Partners
Fletcher Building
Scentre Group
Prosperity Advisers Group
The Ethics Centre
Leo Burney

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our clients do the talking!

John and Monica have supported EY’s efforts to develop world-class business development and negotiation skills in our professionals over the past 4 years and have become trusted extensions to our EY team across Asia Pacific.  Not only have the team consistently received excellent feedback for outstanding course delivery, they have been willing to become accredited in licensed content for EY and have provided valued insights to improve our in-house courses.  EY partners are a senior and discerning audience who respond well to the industry experience and business acumen mojologic facilitators bring to their work with groups of business leaders. Above all, I find them and absolute pleasure to work with.  John and Monica are generous with their ideas and intelligence and I look forward to doing more work together.

Natalie Nunn

Ernst & Young

The team at mojologic are experts in the field.  I am so impressed with what I have learned doing the Presentation Skills Workshop in just two days!  I started with a basic understanding and I found the content and experiences that my confidence and ability were much improved. The course has definitely changed the way I approach meetings and will greatly benefit my work.  I feel I am now geared up with the skills and confidence to get the most out of each meeting I have with potential stakeholders. Definitely worth the investment!

General Manager

Cancer Council

Our experience brought value to our leadership team and how we work as a group. The insights we gained regarding each other’s behavioural and thought preferences will enable us to understand how we act in ‘business as usual’ as well as when we are under pressure. Monica’s professional and personal delivery of the session provided the right environment for us to learn a little more about ourselves. It was a very valuable experience.

General Manager

SAI Global

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