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Communication & Influence

Presentation Skills

Learn the art and science of persuasion

Businesses like to have problems to solve.  Learn and apply interrogation techniques for real and perceived problems so you can focus your resources on the real issue.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Build and nurture high value relationships

In a highly collborative, interactive business environment we must learn to build high value relationships with our internal and external stakeholders.  Learn to engage strategically for mutual success.

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Creative Problem Solving

Unlock the human capacity for creativity

The right hemisphere of the brain will be stimulated, the left-brain consulted, and new ideas will be generated and taken back to the workplace.

Understand Self, Understand Others

The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)

HBDI is an organising principle and profiling tool to help you understand your own thinking preferences and recognise the preferences of others.

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Business Development

Strategic Value Selling

Grow your business by placing client value at the core of your strategy

You will learn how to unlock the challenge of business growth by focussing on value.  From prospecting to ongoing service, this program will help you develop the mindset and skill set for success.

Client Engagement

Develop business and build relationships

As markets become more saturated, competition is increasing and there is a temptation to compete on price as a point of difference. This course will show you how to have better conversations with your clients and grow your business.


Learn to claim value whilst improving your business relationships

You will explore the most up to date ethical influence strategies. Learn to identify variables and prepare to gain maximum advantage as well as coping with various negotiation tactics and styles.

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Sales Leader as Coach

Create the environment for others to develop and thrive

High performance sales teams do not happen by accident.  The best teams are guided by strong leadership.  The best sales leaders are able to articulate what matters, creating the environment for superior results.


Authentic Leadership

Find the source of high performance

When individuals, teams and organisations work to improve leadership strength there is a direct positive correlation to business performance. Leadership is the art of doing.


Learning to Lead

Transition from technical expert to people leader

Your expertise as a practitioner may not be enough to function effectively as a people manager.  Those new to management will benefit greatly from a tailored development program for emerging leaders.

Have You Seen Our Skill Bites?

Introducing a new approach to learning. Skill Bites are flexible 90-minute interactive learning moments. Choose just one 90-minute Skill Bite or create a curriculum by assembling a series that best fit your needs.  Our dedicated, experienced facilitator will deliver you interactive learning experience.  Untether your learning.

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