Stakeholder Engagement

Learn how to identify, analyse and engage with your stakeholders

Does your success rely on the engagement and actions of others?


In this course you will learn how to identify, analyse and influence others.  Move beyond frustration by developing a strategy to manage your stakeholders and regain control.


 Find your people mojo.


This course will help you generate buy-in from your internal and external business stakehloders.  The mojologic approach involves a little bit of theory and a lot of practice.  You will learn practical techniqes for mapping your stakeholders, analysing their position and engaging to influence behaviour.



Capture and categorise the range of stakeholders from inside and outside your organisation that may impact your project or business goals.



Learn to understand your stakeholders point of view by analysing their business interests, requirements, level of engagement, psychological drivers and degree of influence.


Apply the principles of superior stakeholder engagement.  You will learn how to approach, engage and impact the behaviour of others.



The  mojologic Stakeholder Engagement training course  will have an immediate and positive impact on your ability and attitude towards stakeholder engagement.  At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Capture a full picture of the stakeholder landscape
  • Analyse the psychological and political positions of the players
  • Gather and categorise requirements
  • Understand the varying degrees of influence
  • Appreciate the political and cultural factors of the business environment
  • Manage multiple, sometimes competing interests
  • Understand the process of change
  • Handlie difficult conversations
  • Clearly communicate your goals and gameplan
  • Build a comprehensive stakeholder strategy
  • Run effective meetings that achieve outcomes
  • Apply the tools of influence
  • Gain commitment
  • Maintain high value relationships



  • Empowered rather than overwhelmed
  • Recognise mulitple perspectives
  • A sense of control
  • Empowered with the tools to have more effective conversations
  • Prepared to pick up the phone
  • Renewed confidence

This course will


Project Managers to generate buy-in

Team Leaders to break down silos

Human Resources Managers to activate ownership

Consultants to plug in to a client organisation

Finance People to position themselves and decision support experts

IT&C Managers to cut through complexity

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