Presentation Skills


Learn the who, the what and the how of effective presenting.

This course will help you to deliver outstanding presentations that motivate, inform and inspire. 

You will learn the skills and processes to transform your ideas into powerful persuasive messages.


 Find your presentation mojo.


This course balances the art and science of effective presenting.  You will develop skills to help you plan and deliver well crafted presentations that persuade your audience to take action.  The mojologic approach is all about the who, the what and the how of effective presenting.  

The Who

Start with you, the presenter.  Then analyse the audience, the context and the culture.  Delve into the dynamics of communication.

The What

Achieve clarity of purpose.  Then gather your supporting information, organise your message and create beautiful visuals.

The How

Master the art of delivery.  Take to the stage and find your style.  With practice and feedback you will improve your verbal and non-verbal communication.



The  mojologic Presentation Skills Training course  will have an immediate and positive impact on your ability and attitude towards business presentations.

  • Present to motivate, inspire and influence
  • Appreciate your personal presentation style
  • Persuade others to act
  • Plan, structure and execute
  • Speak with substance
  • Develop persuasive arguments
  • Use stories to build connections
  • Master the art of delivery
  • Manage your physical and vocal presence



This workshop combines a little bit of theory with a lot of practice.  We help you appreciate your individual presentation style.  You will leverage the strengths you already have and finish the workshop on a high.  You will have new found confidence and competence.

  • Making fear your friend
  • Find your mojo
  • Managing nervousness
  • Engrossing discussion
  • Discovering freedom in structure
  • Seeing yourself as your audience sees you

This course will


Managers to motivate their teams

Salepeople to deliver outstanding pitches

Project Managers to engage key stakeholders

Consultants to generate buy-in

Leaders to inspire action

Agencies to communicate creative ideas



Two Day In House Course –  We will work with your team to develop their presentation skills.  Build a cohort of persuasive communicators and experience the benefits for your business.  Your team will be immersed in a program that will deliver moments of clarity and inspiration.

In-House Flexible Delivery – We can deliver Presentation Skills in a modular format.  Either split half day or full day modules.  Your team will benefit from building their capability over time.

Public Worksop – Contact us to register your interest in a public workshop.  You will benefit from meeting people from other organisations and industries.  Mojologic conducts public Presentation Skills workshops in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

On to One Coaching – Do you have a pitch or significant presentation coming up?  Engage a mojologic coach to help you prepare and deliver your best.  This is our ‘deconstructed’ presentation skills course.


Need a course tailored to your business?

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