Have you lost your leadership mojo?

Get it back with the help of an executive coach.


We are pleased to announce the launch of our executive coaching practice. The doors are now open for a range of services including one to one coaching sessions with Andrew Petersen, mojologic’s new coaching practice lead.

We are excited to bring our clients this service that fits our commitment to help you achieve business growth through people growth.


Is this your fist step to getting ‘unstuck’?


10 Ways An Executive Coach Can Help You:

  1. Get clarity on your goals and objectives
  2. Generate personal commitment to your plan
  3. Identify your blindspots
  4. Find time to reflect – space to think deeply
  5. Receive feedback in a safe and supportive environment
  6. Be challenged to break limited thought patterns
  7. Work with a confidante that holds you accountable
  8. Enhance your leadership and interpersonal skills
  9. Work out how to take your career to the next level
  10. Be uplifted, energised and inspired.


Andrew Petersen joins the team at MOJOLOGIC


AndrewAndrew wants to live in a world where leaders maximise their potential and  act with courage, integrity and humility for the betterment of others.

Andrew has been a trusted advisor, coach and facilitator for leaders across organisations such as Macquarie, Challenger and CommBank and brings fresh perspectives and deep insights, plus tangible results for individuals and businesses alike.

When not getting down to brass tacks with his clients, you can find Andrew getting pummelled by his personal trainer, making delicious meals for his family and friends or doing something fun beach-side with his significant humans.


“Everyone needs a coach”

– Bill Gates – check out this inspiring TED talk featuring Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt

Ready to take the next step?

Read more about the mojologic approach to executive coaching here.

Contact us today to discuss how you can take the first step and get your mojo back.