This one is just for fun.  A little light relief from what has (so far) been an exploration of speeches that matter. This week no politics, no revolutionaries, no philosophers and no cultural icons.  This week we delve into words from the world of sport.

The Eloquence of Joe Marler

“We’ve got another week to get back on the horse.

And take that horse to the water.

And you can ask the horse, ‘hey horsey – do you wanna have a drink or do you wanna swim?'”


The Wonderful World of Sports

For a long time now I have been aware that I am missing the gene that allows people to enjoy and appreciate sports.  Not cricket, baseball, rounders or tennis.  Not hockey, football, rugby or soccer.  Neither netball or basketball.  Certainly not golf, bowls and never ever curling.

When the conversation turns to sport, as it inevitably does, I simply take a little mental vacation until in passes.  It is a nice pause in the conversation for me.  Those who know me know not to bother trying to include me in the conversation.  I am like a four-year-old trying to follow the finance report.  The words just wash over.

But, perhaps I am just not trying hard enough.  Surely the sporting world contains some masterful motivational speeches that I could feature in this series.  I set out this week with a personal commitment to expand my horizons.  To overcome my prejudice.  And then I came upon this little gem!  In only 1 minute, Mr Joe Marler delivers a powerful ‘speech-ette’.

This is Joe Marler on 21 November 2019 talking about Harlequins v. Bath.  I don’t actually know what any of that means, @JohnBoyle can educate me later.  But my lack of appreciation for the back story does nothing to lessen the experience.  Pure joy!


Rhetorical Technique

Look out for the mixed metaphor.  It’s not everyday one is so confident in their oratory that they can take a risk like this.

Does that horse want to drink or does it want to swim?

We need to get back on that horse!

Do we wait till it is done drinking and/or swimming?

The mind boggles!

Marler has his audience on the edge of their seats.

This man might be a hidden rhetorical genius.  The onomatopoeia is breathtaking.  ‘Clippity clop‘ goes our slightly Irish horsey.


Simply Delightful.  Inspired!

Make sure you watch to the end of this clip (just over a minute) where the orator shares his personal commitment to ‘getting back on that horse’.


A Speech a Week Series

Words have the power to change the world. Speeches are used by leaders, revolutionaries and evangelists to persuade people to think differently, to feel something new and to behave in remarkable ways.

In this series we will examine one notable speech per week. We hope to cast a wide net – including politicians, business leaders, preachers, entertainers and philosophers. These articles will consider matters of content and style to uncover the secrets of oratorical success.

By examing the components of speechcraft we can improve our own powers of persuasion. We will come to appreciate the craft of eloquence – guarding against silver-tongued miscreants whilst gradually building our own expressive capability.

If you would like to contribute to the series by suggesting a speech, please send us a message via the mojologic website.