At mojologic we believe people are the key to unlocking business growth. We work with individuals and organisations to develop skills that are anything but soft.

You may know us as 6 Degrees, a business through which we engaged with corporate clients and worked to make a difference, for nearly 20 years.

So, what’s changed?

Over the last decade we have witnessed rapid changed in the business and economic landscape and we too have changed.

Mojologic, created by Monica Lunin (mo) and John Boyle (jo) is a relaunch with a difference. The concept of our brand is the ever changing wonder of the human brain.  Mindset change and skill set development combine to produce extraordinary results.

‘Mojo’ is about style, perception, relationships and self awareness. It is right -brained. It is related to quality, belief and intuition.  Like beauty it is difficult to define but we know it when we see it.  It is the art of performance.

‘Logic’ is about process, methodology, systems and tools. It is left-brained. It is related to reason, consistency and objectivity. It grounds success in repeatable, measurable behaviour. It is the science of performance.

People first

Our approach is built on the belief that it is the people who grow a business. We work with clients to understand the mindset and skill set change required to move the needle.

Our team of consultants are the best in the business.  We are committed to a facilitative approach, always.

Business problems we solve

Does your business need people who think differently?  Consider how your organisation could prosper with with a team that interrogates problems and create innovative solutions.  That understand and appreciate different thinking preferences. That communicate and collaborate.

Does your business need people who influence ethically?  If people are your pathway to top line growth, where is biggest opportunity?  We believe success in business development come from changing mindset and skill set. Would your business grow if your team were better at prospecting, selling, negotiating, pitching and presenting?

Does your business need people who lead authentically?  There is no faster more direct route to growth than unlocking the potential of an organisations leadership capability. It’s about the individual and the collective.

At mojologic we believe these skills are anything but soft.

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Monica and John