Your Complete Guide To

Presentation Preparation

Whether you have weeks or just 10 minutes, this ebook will help you prepare to shine.

Your Complete Guide To Presentation Preparation

Whether you have weeks or just 10 minutes, this ebook will help you prepare to shine.

Presentation Preparation eBook

About the Book

“There are only two types of speakers in the world.  One, the nervous and two, the liars.”


Presentation Preparation eBook

Where should I start?

Have you ever felt that you didn’t use your preparation time wisely?

You might have weeks to prepare your speech. You might have just 10 minutes. This practical book will help you prepare the best way you possibly can so you will shine.

This guide is for anybody who has ever felt ill-prepared for a presentation.

Maybe you have been concentrating on the wrong things. Or, it could be that despite your best intentions, the forces of the universe (or your boss, board, committee or customers) conspired against you. That robs you of the time you need to do a proper job.  Or maybe, you are just a procrastinator. 

What do you really want to say?

This guide begins with the assumption that you need to start from where you are. Let the advice set out here help you overcome your fear of the blank page . You may not have the time to spend hours in prep-mode before you have to speak, but there are a few tricks that might make it seem like you have done just that.

Most people have a sense of those presentations and speeches that matter. The ones for which they will make sure they set aside plenty of time to prepare. These are few and far between. Your life is likely to be full of competing priorities and interruptions. You can’t always control the call to speak. You may have several weeks, 7 days, 1 day, an hour, or a measly 10 minutes.

This guide to presentation preparation will help you do the best you can with whatever time you have available.

“Speech is power. Speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel. It is to bring another out of his bad sense into his good sense.”


What’s Inside


More Than 2 Weeks to Prepare

The gold standard. Luxury!

What To Do If You Have 1 Week

Rest assured, you have enough time.

What To Do If You Have 24 Hours

No need to panic… yet.

What To Do If You Have 1 Hour

Impromptu speeches can sometimes be the most impactful.

What To Do If You Have 10 Minutes

Few rarefied creatures are excited by this proposition.

FInal Thoughts

We want to hear you speak!

Chapter 1 – More Than 2 Weeks To Prepare

The gold standard. Luxury! You have plenty of time to analyse, ponder, prepare and practice. Try not to jump in straight away. Use the extra time to give your creativity space.

Typical context
Chances are if you are concerned about your presentation this far out, then the stakes are reasonably high. These are the presentations that matter. In the personal or professional context, you know you will have lots of eyes on you.

Perhaps you feel the pressure. The way to shine is to prepare. You can take control. The effort you put into the planning stage should manifest as a speech that is fit for purpose from a speaker who has taken the time to do their best.

Here are some likely scenarios that fit this category:

● New leader town hall
● Best man/woman speech
● Your wedding or significant event
● Conference keynote
● Industry or professional association function
● Subject matter expert address
● Formal ‘TED’ style speech

STEP 1: Clarify the brief




I was asked to present at an event with only a week’s notice and was in a bit of a panic! I started googling “how to prepare a presentation in a week” and I found this guide.  It really helped give me a structure to work through and the confidence I needed to do the presentation.  Thank you soooo much for this great resource.

Monica Lunin Presenter

About the Author

Monica Lunin, Director MOJOLOGIC


Monica Lunin is a business owner, speaker, facilitator and writer.

Monica believes that words have the power to change the world.  She has written dozens of articles exploring the magic and technique of some of history’s most notable public speakers and presenters.  From JFK to Queen Elizabeth I and Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Winston Churchill, Monica has collected the highlights and lessons we can all apply.

Monica is immensely proud to be a co-director of mojologic where she works with the best to make meaningful change for their clients.