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A Storytelling Lesson from Venus Flytrap

Storytelling is a hot topic in the field of business communication. A quick google search will reveal a glut of information:

empirical academic studies in the field of neuroscience
proclamations from experts
‘how-to’ guides and templates for creating stories

The concept, however, is as old as humanity itself. Cave paintings were created to pass on wisdom, guidance and knowledge in the form of a story. As long as human beings have engaged in communication we have intuitively understood the power of the story.

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How to present advice like Tim Minchin

The musings of Tim Minchin are genius. Irreverent, foul-mouthed and derisive, but genius.

Minchin bestows his advice on a group of graduates at his alma mater, The University of Western Australia. This is a familiar engagement for many celebrities including; Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Natalie Portman and even Kanye West. These are usually presentations worth watching – well crafted, polished, insightful and thought provoking.

But none are quite like this.

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um, er, ah, oh… 5 Steps To Rid Your Presentation of Filler Words

Fillers — What are they?

The most common filler sounds are: ‘um’, ‘ah’, ‘oh’, ‘huh’, ‘mmmm’…

Then we advance to filler words, including: ‘yes’, ‘so’, ‘basically’, ‘absolutely’, ‘obviously’, ‘literally’…

And, for the experienced players an array of filler phrases: ‘you know’, ‘moving on’, ‘I think that’, ‘I guess’, ‘I’m just saying’, ‘to be honest’.

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Welcome to mojologic

At mojologic we believe people are the key to unlocking business growth. We work with individuals and organisations to develop skills that are anything but soft.

You may know us as 6 Degrees, a business through which we engaged with corporate clients and worked to make a difference, for nearly 20 years.

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5 Pitfalls to Avoid at Your Next Leadership Offsite

There are extraordinary benefits to be derived from gathering the leaders of the business together. The shared minds, wealth of experience and collaborative effort, when well guided, can result in a boon for any business. A great leadership offsite produces tangible advancements like product launch decisions, capital investments and concrete business plans.

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